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    Why are so many people interested in "ETs" and "UFOs?"

    There are a multitude of reasons. In my view, the most compelling of a fledgling humanity are still to look for solace outside itself and to find modern myths in the post-modern age of anti-heroes and the love song of J. Alfred Prufrock.
   What, to the best of my knowledge, got me started, was in great part the desire to find help with changing an insane system of predation that I feel ill-equipped to transform single-handedly. Only a race can change a race. As we are our brother's (sic) keeper, I feel the same is true on the level of races.
    I found, some others have begun to realize the likelihood, either through extraordinary experience or inner prompting, that we may be part of a larger community of beings. For them, the cosmos is filled with intelligent life that they wish to contact. They may seek contact with life so different that great care must be taken to insure success. Several groups, e.g. CSETI, realized that the only safe assumption of such an endeavor could be that consciousness is the one common denominator for exploration. Any life more alien, if it exists, may be too completely alien at this moment.
    To make contact then means three things. We must become conscious of who we are, of who our neighbor here at home is, and who other beings are. Thus the search for contact reaches in two directions simultaneously. While we reach for the stars and other dimensions of experience, we must reach for the intimacy of our own being right here within ourselves.
    In the middle of those two directions we may find our friends, our neighbor, our partners, our lover. I sometimes joke that the most alien creature we will ever encounter is a member of the opposite sex. What wonderful opportunities they give us to practice contact and make meaning. Imagine, what incredible opportunities may await us, if we were to meet with beings, who might add immeasurably to our understanding and awareness!
    Skeptics may ask, why do this? Why not leave good enough alone? Well, it is a personal choice. The only answer I have for them is because, because I seek communion, because I choose to do this. Life is full of mystery, suspense, and discovery.

PS: (11-21-1999)  Since I first wrote the words above I have come to view this phenomenon as perhaps the most spiritually challenging subject in my life.  While I like to maintain a balanced view, I now see some sinister possibilities to this phenomenon that need to be addressed in order for humanity to move forward in its evolution.  We need to realize what has really been going on for a long time and what is happening right now, in order to become informed participants in our own evolution!  Researching the links below may take you on a journey that will change your life forever.  If you have the courage to face the world with an open mind and a strong heart, I believe, you will not regret to proceed.

Copyright © 1997 by Georg W. Koester

David M. Jacobs, Ph.D.
David Jacobs, Ph.D. caught my attention on the June 6, 2000 Jeff Rense "Sightings" program.  His sober, humble, and balanced presentantion impressed me.  He is the director of The International Center for Abduction Research (ICAR).  It appears after cursory observation, that his work offers a substantial contribution to all who wish to better understand what appears to be happening regarding the "abduction" phenomena.

Constance Clear - "Reaching For Reality"
Seven first person accounts of alien abduction compiled and annotated by psychotherapist and lecturer, Constance Clear, M.A., M.S.W., a very thought provoking work about people who are recollecting their challenging and wide ranging experiences without the aid of hypnosis.
You can also hear her and the "abductee's/experiencers" on Jeff Rense's program "Sightings"
October 11, 1999 Radio Show

Center for the Search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence founded by Dr. Steven Greer, a very devoted emergency physician and family man, who has attempted to dissolve the secrecy surrounding the evidence in the hands of a whole cadre of highly credible people waiting for an opportunity to present their knowledge in an effective public forum not susceptible to the usual denouncement that seems to plague this field of inquiry.

Whitley Strieber - Welcome to the Communion Homepage
Famous author on non-human intelligence phenomena, visitors, and "abductions."  I appreciate Whitley Strieber's contribution for the clarity and non-judgement of his explorative reasoning.

David Icke
David Icke is perhaps the most controversial person listed here.  While some of his claims may appear outlandish and bizarre, I find his spiritual perspective very sound and refreshing.  Life will likely never be viewed quite the same way by those who will take the time to look into the large volume of his remarkable evidence.  He has a number of long videotapes available that will keep you glued to your television.  His interview with the remarkable Zulu "Sanusi" (Shaman) Credo Mutwa presents an astounding corroboration to the work of Constance Clear in particular plus insights that answer some puzzling questions addressed like this nowhere else.
You can also hear him and Credo Mutwa on Jeff Rense's program "Sightings"
October 14, 1999 Radio Show

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