Dear Ms.,

Thank you for taking the time to come here and read this page, which I have set up for you to see what we might have in common or find interesting. This way we can get to know each other better.

Unlike the home pages, this page is not easily found by everyone and includes much more detailed information about me and who I am looking for in a relationship. Mainly, it contains a number of questions aimed at helping us see how far we match.

Hardly anyone matches the likes and dislikes of another 100% nor do the questions create a profile that is anywhere near complete. I believe, it may however help us with the process of getting better aquainted. If you are looking for some form of friendship or even a more intimate relationship, a close match is not as important; however, if you and I are looking for marriage, please pay special attention to the first answer.

If you would take the time to answer the questions yourself also and then e-mail them to me, I will very much appreciate it. I want to know just as much about you as you want to know about me; however, do not let this stop you from contacting me, if you do not have the time to go through all those questions right now.

I took most of these questions from Phoenix MatchMaker to help us learn more about each other. Also, if you have additional questions, that you would like to ask me, please do so.

Thank you! I am looking very much forward to receiving your e-mail and hearing from you.


Georg W. Koester

Below you will find the questions as

a question file you can download. You can then give your own answers to the file's questions by opening the file in your text editor. Go here for help instructions.
You could also go to the question page where I list all the questions, copy them and paste them into an e-mail message.

Enter here to read my answers.

You may wish to do this after answering them yourself, in order not to be influenced by my answers.
As another option, you may wish to look at them first to get an idea of how to answer them yourself. Regardless, of whether I will still be someone you are interested in after reading my answers, answering these questions yourself may serve you well in your continued search.  One, they help you be specific about yourself and who you are looking for. Two, they will give prospective men a better idea whether or not to contact you. This in turn may give you fewer, but higher quality responses to your ads and inquiries.
Good luck.  Whatever you decide, I would love to hear from you.

Here is an ad I put on a dating service once.

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