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The Top 10 Reasons To Receive A Massage Today

  1. Relieve pain!  The therapeutic massage and bodywork from an experienced health care practitioner and coach involves a range of modalities that can help melt away pain fast.  Rather than taking pain medication which often has many side effects, a massage not only has no side effects, but also feels really great.  Consider going a more natural route and feel your pain melt away with therapeutic massage.
  2. Reduce Stress!  Bodywork soothes nerves and tired muscles.  It calms the body and helps relax the mind.  Less stress means a longer quality life.  Less stress means more energy.  More energy frees you up to enjoy life more.  Therapeutic bodywork energizes you.  Receive a massage and feel the difference!
  3. Recover fast from injury or illness!  Bodywork assists the body in many ways to increase its natural ability to heal.  It also boosts the immune system.  Recovery time can often be cut in half and you are fast back on your way to good health.
  4. Be successful!  Perform better in your life!  A hi-tech society calls for hi-touch to counteract the stresses of a demanding schedule and the hassles of modern life.  A more stress free existence boosts performance by allowing you to be more efficient and calm in the midst of your daily challenges.  It is not just the athlete, who needs to keep the body in top shape to be a winner. Those who truly want to achieve high performance in their careers and/or personal lives need to take supremely good care of themselves.  Good bodywork is a must for those who wish to achieve extraordinary results in their lives. For success in life, add that something extra winners count on! Receive therapeutic bodywork!
  5. Prevent future injury and illness!  Tense muscles pull on and tighten tendons and ligaments, cause rigidity, cut off circulation for proper metabolism, drain us of energy, and pull our body out of alignment.  Unattended, this can eventually lead to a host of diseases.  Often this state of affairs goes unnoticed for a long time, until it is too late.  We may move wrong and due to our imbalances and tightness hurt ourselves in ways that could have easily been prevented with a few massages.  This neglect may cause us much grief, pain, and expensive visits to the doctor.  Many chronic conditions might also be avoided with regular bodywork.  One of the greatest benefits of massage you will never know about.   It is the disease avoided and the injury that did not take place, because your body was in good shape to handle life's challenges, all with a little massage.  So do not delay the massages that are as essential to a healthy life as brushing your teeth and taking your vitamins.
  6. Be all that you can be! Learn about your life! Someone once said, that the unexamined life is not worth living.  The body is the perfect tool for that examination.  It does not lie.  Many of our habits and all of our memory is stored in the body with its trillions of cells.  Medicine acknowledges that most illness is psychosomatic meaning that the ills of the mind are reflected in the ills of the body.  By listening to the body's messages the way a trained health care practitioner can, s/he can coach you on what is going on in your life that you need to pay attention to.  By alleviating what ails the soul of the body, the soma, you can also heal what ails the mind and the emotions, the psyche.  By learning to make the connections between body, mind, and spirit through bodywork, you will live a happier and more fulfilling life.  Ignorance is not bliss, but massage is!
  7. Have more fun!  The body is the vehicle through which we experience the world.  If it does not function properly, we cannot enjoy our wealth, our hobbies, our relationships, our work, or anything else for that matter.  A good and happy life starts with a sound and healthy body.  Keep it in shape by treating it right.  Just like taking care of your possessions, your body is the crown jewel of all your possessions.  Good exercise, nutrition, rest, and regular bodywork are essential to its upkeep.  When feeling like a million dollars, life is a lot of fun.  Therefore, be good to yourself and get a massage.
  8. Relax and enjoy!  Relax into that blissful state only those who have received a great massage know about.  We are not human doings.  We are human beings.  To slow down and simply be is an art many are forgetting.  Massage is an easy way to simply be, to know how good it can feel to be human.  Simply relax and feel the bliss of your own aliveness and the good feelings that can be experienced so easily.  I would not know what life would be like without receiving a massage once a week and I do not want to know either.  Don't miss out and treat yourself to a massage.
  9. Dare to live life to the fullest!  Many people are shy to let someone touch them, particularly a stranger.  A good health care practitioner and coach will take extra time to inquire about your needs and will answer all your questions and what you will be doing with him/her beforehand.  You will always remain in charge of your own body.  No pain is ever inflicted under any circumstances.  In massage that requires oil, only the area worked on is exposed and you are always professionally draped.  In acupressure and other bodywork modalities you always remain fully clothed.  All work between a professional alternative health care coach and his (sic) clients is confidential. All proper care is taken for you to be absolutely comfortable, so you owe it to yourself to receive this blessing.  Thus, dare to experience one of life's greatest pleasures.  Get your therapeutic massage today and feel what it is like to be really pampered!
Still not convinced of the essential need for therapeutic bodywork?  Then read what I have to say to those who may have waited too long.
  1. Give yourself what you deserve and need!  Are you among those who are in a lot of pain from neglect? You may have put off therapeutic massages or simply never considered their importance.  Now you have a chance to stop the deterioration of your body!   You are hurting.  Your body is achy, your muscles sore, your posture poor, and your life out of balance.  Don't let it get worse!  Start to pay attention to your body and if you do not know how, it is easy.  Let a skilled professional health care practitioner pay attention to it and you will quickly feel the difference therapeutic massage will make in your life!  Still not convinced?  Then go into a mall and watch the elderly.  Walk up to one who walks with a labored gate and a distorted posture.  Ask them, if they have ever received regular massages.  If they say no, likely they would not be this way had they done so.  If they say yes, ask them how long they have received them and what difference if any it has made in their lives.  I think, that you will see it my way and like myself receive this essential care regularly.

                  With best wishes and to your good health!
                  Georg W. Koester, BA, LMT
Georg can be reached at
Healing Hands Center
1202 E. Maryland, Suite 1-E
Phoenix, Arizona 85014-1342
(602) 881-2019
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Disclaimer: For all health problems consult a physician for a proper diagnosis. Therapeutic Bodywork neither diagnoses nor treats illness and is not intended as a substitute for medical care!

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