Information about my work was originally posted here.

Why not anymore? Read the e-mail correspondence with my Internet Service Porvider attached below.

1) My Response of March 12, 1997 to Their E-mail of March 11, 1997.

2) Their E-Mail of March 11, 1997.

3) Their E-Mail of July 2, 1998.

My Response of March 12, 1997 to Their E-Mail of March 11, 1997

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Re: Personal Accounts and Poor Service (My reply to their old e-mail quoted below)


Not so Dear Netwrx Administrator,

Your narrow view about some service agreement I do not recall having been given a copy of, is outpaced only by your lack of good service.

First, the amount of trouble I have had connecting to your service, finding my address changed without proper notice, finding my dialer script to your service outdated, not having my upload storage area for several month, not having really good instructions on how to do all this, and on and on and on, has caused me more grief than I should ever have had with an Internet service.

Recently, when I called in to your customer service about the unprofessional change of address without proper notice (leaving other people's links to me outdated without proper time to inform them), I got the rude reply, that personal accounts were not your priority! Well, I know, that any good business cannot afford disgruntled customers. Thus, I know, you will be in for a rude awakening here one day soon. All I can do is watch with sadness the lack luster of a company I had hoped, I could proudly mention to others.

Now, about this latest aggrevation of yours, the matter of personal accounts. Would you please show me, how I am conducting business on the Internet through my personal account with you. I have a page on what I do in my business listed, yes. This is personal. It is what I do. It is what I am about. Conducting business entails the making of money. If you would just open your eyes and take the dollar signs off of them, you would know that I cannot give an alternative healthcare treatment to someone in Peking. I have not had a single customer from this page!

As far as the number of "hits" being so far greater, that it costs you so much more, it is truly a lame excuse! If this was true, let us be forthright. You can place a hit counter on the page, and in your future agreements you can charge people on the number of hits. People go to my home-page first. I do have a hit counter on it. Thus, I know, I am not a heavily trafficked sight at this point. If you have checked my page, you might know that. Your argument then is not true and is an afront.

Instead of doing business on the sight I have on your server, I have occasionally been able to help people internationally with alternative health care questions, something I have done as a free service to help people!

Now, tell me, why and how as a one-person service business, could I justify paying an additional $15.00 a month ($180.00 a year) for the above. What are you giving people for the additional money? If anything, how could I benefit from it? If you were ethical, you would not make yourself a self-appointed "Internet Police," as you put it. You have a conflict of interest. We have had plenty of such self-appointed governing bodies in the past, and I do not take your remark lightly. Your kind bares careful watching!

If I were in your position, I would focus on meeting customer's needs and sharing with us the wonders of your service. If it was wonderous, I am certain, we would gladly pay you the commensurate fee.

Your behaviour toward me feels more than unethical. At this point I do not see, how the amounts involved in this matter warrants my seeking legal advise. Therefore, I see at the moment no choice but to comply with your unreasonableness while searching for a better service. I will remove the page and link elsewhere. You have your choices. I would hope, you would immediately and unequivocally apologize to me and include some sign that you mean it!


Georg W. Koester

Their E-Mail of March 11, 1997

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At 05:21 PM 3/11/97 -0700, you wrote what I received We, 3-12-1997 at ~3pm:

Dear Customer:

You presently have a Personal Dial-Up Account for your Internet access. However, it has come to our attention that you are, in fact, conducting business from your web page. While we attempt to be flexible in our policies, this is in direct violation of your agreement with us as noted in the Service Agreement.

If you choose to continue conducting business from your Internet access account, you may upgrade to a Standard Business Account at $34.95 per month. The necessity of higher charges for conducting business on an Internet account is that business pages receive more "hits" than personal pages, therefore, placing heavier demand on our servers.

We need your decision within five (5) business days of receipt of this e-mail. If we have not heard from you in that time, we will "take down" your web page.

NETWRX had hoped not to have to act as Internet "police" but this has become a necessary evil as personal accounts are being misused.

Thank You

NETWRX Adninistration _________________________________________________________________________ Netwrx Internet Access for the Real World 602.997.9820 news: _________________________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________ Lee J. Savage Netwrx Administration 602.997.9820

"Real programmers don't document. If it was hard to write, it should be hard to understand." __________________________________________________________

Their E-Mail of July 2, 1998

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The follwing e-mail arrived on July 2, 1998 and I immediately posted it here.

I will follow up on it as soon as I have the time:

Georg, was visiting your web pages, and read about the problems you were having with the previous staff. I have no problem with you posting your complaints about us, in fact I applaud it. Too often we forget how other people feel about the work we and the decisions we make. I hope that you have not had similar problems of late, since we have made strides to try and change the attitudes of ourselves. I can tell you that ever customer is important to us, and I personal will work to make there Internet experiences the best that I can. If your opinions of us have not changed, please let me know why, and I will attempt to change your mind. Incidentally, you have a well laid out website, and I admire people that take the time to there site properly. If I can be of assistance in the future, please let me know.

Thank You

NETWRX System Administrator

For information you can contact me at:

Georg W. Koester

1202 E. Maryland, Suite 1-E

Phoenix, Arizona 85014


E-Mail: gk1@netwrx.netHome


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