Immediate Response to American Tragedy, September 11, 2001

Dear Ones,

In response to today's horrific American tragedy,  I wish to send a message of healing and support.

First, to all of you who are suffering directly from injury, I wish you to know that I am praying to send you love and help, that much is being done to come to your aid.

I invite those reading this page to join me in that focus, to see these victims, whether alive or passed on, surrounded by love, by peace, and by all the energies that can alleviate their suffering.  Know that your devoted loving thoughts and feelings sent in this way have great power to affect miracles of healing!  Let us see them as already healed in the faith that such loving focus is so powerfully heard that it is already answered before it has even been uttered in our hearts, minds, and souls.

Secondly, to all of you who may have direct relatives or relations victimized today, I wish you to know that you are also in my prayers, that I believe, the American people will rush to your aid to support you in dealing with the tragedy that has so immediately affected you now and in the days to come.  I invite those reading this page also to focus in supporting these people in gathering the strength to continue to live according to their highest values and aspirations.

Third, to all United States citizens and to humanity at large, the tragedy of today can cause further emotional distress to a world already often in much pain.  Allow yourself to feel your feelings without the need to act these feelings out.  This will help you as a catharsis, as a cleansing and healing of your heart.

If you find this difficult, consider what it may mean responding otherwise.  Many lives have been destroyed today.  Why give the perpetrators of such heinous acts the satisfaction of bombs going off in our hearts and minds that would cause us to emote in ways not in alignment with the loving peaceful essence of our lives.  Let us instead show that such acts have the opposite of their likely intended effect, that they strengthen our resolve to live peacefully, lovingly, and freely.

Fourth, I wish in advance to express my appreciation for the many valiant acts of service and heroism, that many Americans are committing in rushing to the aid of the afflicted.  My prayers of gratitude and support go with you also.  I invite you reading this page to also send your loving focus to the many who help and protect the American people.

Dear Americans, let us be the leaders of the world that many look upon us as, and show that life here can be different, that here we live in peace, in harmony, in love, with wisdom and in abundance.  Let us defend those values that have made this nation the much sought after place of many freedom loving people around the world.

I also wish you to know that today's tragedy was not a failure on the part of Americans, but actually and unequivocally a sign of their strengths!  To love and to live freely, we must take courage.  To live this way requires courage precisely because our accompanying openness makes us vulnerable, no matter how well we may attempt to prepare for all eventualities.

This is the greatness of tall spirits, that they allow themselves to be vulnerable, because their love and greatness takes them to the sublime, unassailable, and pure, a state they would take great risk to share with others.  Go, live in peace!  Be blessed as you are!

Lastly, on the level of daily activity, the events of today will cause changes in our lives.  As we contemplate what actions to take, I wish to appeal to the United States particularly, and to all people, to be prudent in their defense of freedom, to live securely, but not to shut down or shut off in fear, anger, outrage, blame, and cynicism, not to institute policies that separate us and cause us to cower behind walls.  Let us build healthy boundaries and tear down unhealthy ones at the same time. Let us live freely, abundantly, and happily!

Georg W. Koester

Symbolic Light of Healing, Love, and Wisdom
Symbolic Light of Healing, Love, and Wisdom

Copyright © 2001 by Georg W. Koester
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